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YOUcooperATE May 24, 2021

Dear friends, 

Until now, we have learned what’s a cooperative, how does it work, and what steps we have to complete in order to build our own cooperative business. We have chosen a farmers’ coop model and we have created teams. 

Now that you are part of a team, it’s time to get to work. And the first step, in any task we have ahead, is to understand what we have to do and how to organize ourselves.

Therefore, you will meet your colleagues for the first time. At this meeting with your team and with one of the partners in the project, we will understand together: 

  1. How we will work until the end of this module;
  2. How we will share the tasks in order to create the best business plan. 

Thus, we are looking forward to meeting you on Monday 7th June [TIME] and to organize our work. 

See you soon!

The YouCoop team