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YOUcooperATE May 24, 2021

Hello, dear YouCoopers!

You have almost reached the end of this module and you’re only one step away from becoming a top entrepreneur! To prepare for this last step, we propose you to do a recap of what we have learnt by now: we saw how useful are economics, accounting, business management and marketing in a cooperative business and then we applied these tools in order to complete the first sections of a business plan.

We recommend you to go through the previous materials and, if you and your teammates have any questions, your team mentor will be ready to help you better understand the information and complete the remaining tasks. He/she will first make recommendations on possible improvements regarding the document you have just completed within Thematic content 2 and, after you make the needed changes, you will be able to continue with the rest of the business plan (the financial plan and the executive summary).

You will have the opportunity to discuss with your mentor and to proceed to the last sections of the business plan on 14th June [TIME] at this link [LINK ZOOM].

See you then!
The YouCoop team