Module 2 – Cooperative Start-Up

At the end of the module, you will be able to: 
  • understand the practical process from the idea to the actual steps necessary for establishing the type, sector of the cooperative;
  • to acquire the necessary soft skills necessary for cooperative members, decision making, conflict management in a cooperative etc;
  • to engage in different scenarios - through games/exercises/debates - that might arise while building a cooperative;
YOUcooperATE · March 14, 2021

Thematic contents

  • Setting up an agricultural cooperative: the practical process;
  • Challenges and solutions in an agricultural cooperative;
  • Know-how & soft skills.

Approximate time to complete the module: 4 hours

Allocated timeframe: 2 weeks

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Our YouCooperate experts aim to strengthen knowledge, understanding and competences for agricultural cooperatives development of youth engaged in agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training (T-VET) in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria Latvia and Italy, thus providing, through modern learning and e-learning techniques, an information and educational pathway for the development of the agricultural cooperative sector by the next generation of farmers.

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